Seeing all of us loving every aspect of our lives while being grounded, present, alive, awake, and uniquely, authentically, amazingly ourselves.

And along the way...

the journey is fun 

we connect with great people

our growth is dynamic

we meet life with an abundance of tools and authentic resilience

we amplify the lives of those around us

we can’t wait to engage with each moment of every day

everybody gets what they want



To evolve and heal humanity by living and coaching as authentic expressions of our highest wisdoms.


To inspire massive change grounded in the love of, honoring of, and gratitude for each human spirit in its most profound expression of creativity, compassion and courage.


To influence an epic shift in global consciousness one human at a time.


Our gratitude for all of our mentors and coaches who helped us be open, free, and flexible in our lives so that the flow of life through every feeling, experience and moment feels like a living, breathing dance dedicated to aliveness.




Laura & Amy



Laura Masters and Amy Mercer are certified life coaches, educators and presenters. They study extensively in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, education, and learning with an intent to understand the ways in which our brains learn, rewire and facilitate personal growth and happiness.

They integrate this information into coaching techniques that will most effectively inspire their clients to be in tune with themselves and love every aspect of their life.



We have been dear friends for almost two decades. Our friendship grew as we linked arms and became each other’s best friend, mentor, and advocate in every aspect of their lives. In tandem, as colleagues in different locations, we both created flourishing practices as professional learning and educational remediation specialists where we coached students, parents and educators.

We created AbunDance in order to realize a dream of sharing and building a combined business for powerful personal change. When we discovered mbraining and researched mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques) coaching in depth, we knew we found a gem: a neuroscience-based process that lined up perfectly with our philosophy and experience of coaching. We are inspired daily by this growing body of knowledge, backed by evidence from many fields of study, and are proud to be part of a growing international community and movement.

We have experienced that combining mbraining (and mBIT coaching) into our lives and our coaching process amplifies the growth, confidence, and overall success and happiness in our clients and their personal lives.

We are excited to spread the joy, growth, and powerful results that using the multiple brain integration techniques bring to individuals, their immediate circles and ultimately, to the world.


"The day after I arrived home from mBIT coach training, I had a business coaching session with a client and after listening to her topic for the session, my gut told me to try mBIT with her. I asked her if she was open to it and luckily, she was. It felt so natural, easy, and it just made SENSE!"

Charlene Kushner

"Don't wait any longer to take this training with Abundance, you will be amazed at how the training is actually a great way to have new tools for any parent, teacher, business coach and even in medicine. I use these skills as an HR provider for medical and dental teams. These tools help people feel better and help them make better decisions...we just need to share this so others can feel that things can be easier and less stressful in work, in play and in life. I really recommend this training with Abundance."

Clara Stuparitz